Interview with Dmitrij

The creator of the Boe Bob sticker pack
Sticker.Place: Where are you from and where do you live now?
Dmitrij Gladkij: I am originally from Dnipro, Ukraine. But currently found my place in Warsaw, Poland. After moving here I'm travelling around the Europe, seeing all the stuff around is pretty nice imo. But I'm mostly inspired by people and different unusual situations, rather than surrounding itself.
SP: Tell us about your stickers – characters.
DG: Well, inspiration for this one was my own cat. Sometimes he is a jerk, sometimes - not. But mostly a jerk, yeah.
SP: Which of your illustrations is your favorite?
DG: The latest one is the best.
SP: Tell us about your first illustration.
DG: Do all the dinosaurs scribbles in kindergarten apply for this one? I graduated as Telecommunication Engineer, while drawing and freelancing as hard as I could. After that - more freelance, some art courses, and work in studio.
SP: What are your plans for the future?
DG: Draw more. Draw better. Draw cats, maybe recreate some dinosaurs from the kindergarten? Seems like a good idea.
SP: What is your favorite app or game?
DG: This one is quite hard as my only love is Borderlands series. I believe there is a Tales from the Borderlands for iOS.