Interview with Fonzy Nils

The creator of the Fruit Friends sticker pack
Sticker.Place: Where are you from and where do you live today?
Fonzy Nils: I’m from Italy and currently I live in Italy.
SP: Tell us about your sticker's characters.
FN: I have drawn characters with a fruit theme, I love to draw food and I don’t know why but I find fruits very funny to use like characters. I drew them to express emotions and situations. The goal was to have characters fun to share with friends and people, something of interesting to use during a chat.
SP: Which of your illustrations is your favorite?
FN: Sometimes I love some illustrations more than others, but I can’t say which one is my favourite, they are like sons, can you say which one you love most? :)
SP: Tell us about your first illustration.
FN: Honestly I don’t remember my first illustration in the life, but my first important illustration that I drew for a client has been for The Boston Globe. It was an editorial illustration for a book review and I was very happy then.
SP: Tell us about your background and experience.
FN: I studied graphic design and Photography and I have a degree in Architecture, I have always drawn and during my university journey, I started to post my drawings on the web. Then I understood that illustration was a big deep passion inside me and that maybe it was my way or a part of my way. In the last 2 years I started to work like a freelance illustrator and I hope to grow up every day, to build a career.
SP: What are your plans for the future?
FN: I will continue to work like a illustrator and designer, I probably will leave Italy the next year for a new experience. I’m working for some clients and i'm working on a book. I can’t say more! I can’t know how my future will be, but I hope that it will be illustrated and creative.
SP: What is your favorite app or game?
FN: My favourite game currently is “Monument Valley“ it has an amazing design and I have found it very innovative. It is the way to follow for a good app or game, innovation and creativity.