Interview with Nathan Yoder

The creator of the Traditional Flash Stickers sticker pack
Sticker.Place: Where are you from and where do you live now?
Nathan Yoder: I’m originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma but now live in Seattle, WA.
SP: Tell us about your stickers – characters.
NY: The characters in my sticker pack have all been adapted from the work of traditional Americana tattoo artist. The thing that I love about traditional tattoo work is how the themes, colors, line work, and personalities all work together so beautifully to create such a bold statement while still always carrying forward a sort of tongue undertone. Seeing as tattoo work of this style tends to consist of smaller pieces that clients would choose from the artist’s flash sheet, it made perfect subject matter for a sticker pack and gave me a lot to work with in terms of characters.
SP: Which of your illustrations is your favorite?
NY: The gorilla would probably have to be my favorite sticker in the pack due to the fact that, growing up, my family had a term for the expression which he is exhibiting - flat eyes. He seems pretty unamused.
SP: Tell us about your first illustration.
NY: First in the pack: The first illustration I worked on in the pack was one of the hand gestures. Hands have a large presence in traditional tattoo work and carry a large amount of expression in a simple way. Because of this, hands were one of the first illustrations to come to mind. First illustration ever: I’m not sure that I remember the first drawing I ever drew but my mom does have a drawing of some horses that I drew when I was around 5yrs old that consisted, basically, of what appears to be stick people on all fours and long stringy strokes for hair. Haha (The girl horses have eyelashes.)
SP: Tell us about your background and experience.
NY: I grew up drawing constantly though it wasn’t until the 7th or 8th grade that I first got a taste for graphic design. At that time, I was given the opportunity by a friend of mine’s dad to draw pictures for clients of his sign shop in my home town. All through high school I worked with him and he taught me how to screen print and set up my artwork for use by a client. In 2008 after high school I went to college for graphic design and upon graduation in 2010, began work as a designer at a local advertising agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There I specialized in logo work and various other corporate branding projects. After a couple years at that agency, I was offered a job in Southern California based on the personal work that I had been sharing online. I worked as the senior artist at this company for a year where I specialized in hand lettering and illustration work used on t-shirt designs and various other internal needs. Finally in 2014, I made the switch to freelance and relocated to the Pacific Northwest. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to brands such as Nike, Dakine, REI, MillerCoors, and Adobe among others.
SP: What are your plans for the future?
NY: In the future I would love to illustrate and write books for children. My wife is an elementary school teacher and so the thought of joining forces with her to encourage and inspire kids really sounds like the dream.
SP: What is your favorite app or game?
NY: I don’t do a whole lot on my phone besides checking email and catching up with folks on social media so purely based on frequency of use, I would probably have to say Instagram.