Interview with Yoyo The Ricecorpse

The creator of the Chub Chub sticker pack
Sticker.Place: Where are you from and where do you live now?
Yoyo The Ricecorpse: I am from the mountain of flowers and fruits, living in London.
SP: Tell about your stickers’ characters
Yoyo: Bunny Boo, Kitty Kyu and Chick Chu. They hangout all the time, eat together, watch soap tv together and sometimes even bath together. They don’t call each other best friends because they are more than that. I think characters look more expressive in this style.
SP: Which of your illustrations is your favourite?
Yoyo: They are all my babies so I simply can’t pick would be unfair!
SP: Tell about your first illustration.
Yoyo: I actually don’t remember. I doodle a lot when I am stressed, so probably from then. My first properly published illustration was an editorial piece I created for Financial Times Weekend; it was an article about passport control! Not something I do often...haha.
SP: What are you plans for the future?
Yoyo: No major plans, going with flow as always. Hope I will be always doing what I enjoy.
SP: What is your favourite app or game?
Yoyo: My phone is really boring. If I had to pick, them maybe Instagram and Tumblr as I use them the most. I play Pokemon go and neko atsume on occasions.